Caliphate Colonialism I: The Taproot of the Trouble with Nigeria

Corruption and the Caliphate

The average Nigerian who decries corruption is hardly aware of its peculiar dimension that’s rooted in Caliphate colonialism. Nigerian-style corruption is actually the constitutionally licensed looting of the public treasury by an official.

What secularist Nigerians regard as immoral looting of the treasury is no such thing in the feudal ideology of the Caliphate. In feudalism, the appropriation of state property by an official is not considered theft, but simply his entitlement as the holder of a fief in exchange for loyalty and services to be rendered to his monarch.

Under Caliphate feudal ideology, a public office is a fief for the life-support of the official and his retinue, provided he renders allegiance and the prescribed services to his overlord. If one were sent to administer the Customs or NEPA, one would be entitled to embezzle its funds to the best of one’s ability and greed. Doing so is not considered illegal or immoral; it is a practice anchored in feudal ideology and protected by the constitution. That’s what’s peculiar with Nigerian lootocracy. Hence the Caliphate-derived Nigerian practice where, once salaries are paid, and even before they are, a department’s budget allocation is treated as being for
the responsible official to put in his pocket. Which is why the Caliphate-serving 1999 constitution institutionalizes and protects this entitlement with an immunity clause that licenses a Governor to seize and export his state’s budgetary allocation, hence the rampant money-laundering by Nigeria’s state governors.

After half a century of unpunished practice, lootocracy has become the norm in Nigeria, and is imitated by all and sundry; which is why officials, down to the policeman at the checkpoint and the messenger sent to get a file, brazenly extort (i.e. loot) money from the public that they are paid to serve. Nigerian officials have become addicted to lootocracy even though a significant segment of the population decries it as “corruption”. But it is a gross misnomer to call lootocracy “corruption” and the error should be rectified: it is like calling a bank robber a pick-pocket when he has made away with millions.

So long as the Caliphate, with its fake-democratic constitution, directs Nigeria’s affairs, this Caliphate-introduced and Caliphate-customary practice will endure.

To eradicate Corruption/Lootocracy in Nigeria, the fake 1999 Constitution must be replaced with a People’s Constitution.

Download the entire pamphlet by clicking on the link below.

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